Evans tire california. Pirelli truck tires.

Evans Tire California

evans tire california

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Chinese Leather Brush Art

Chinese Leather Brush Art

This talented man was offering names done in the ancient Chinese art form for 50 CENTS A LETTER!!! What a steal (and he put a mat around it for $2). This was so cool to watch; it only took him about two minutes to complete the letters and symbols.

Evan was tired of me taking his picture by this point, so you can't really see the finished product. Each letter is made up of animals, and each animal has its own meaning such as prosperity, peace, long life, etc.

If anyone is interested, I have the artist's info, but be warned: He charges $1.50 per letter through mail order! Somebody get this poor guy an agent!

The unfinished Rich Evans Chop, Cut, Rebuild car.

The unfinished Rich Evans Chop, Cut, Rebuild car.

If everything goes as planned, Rich will finish this car soon and we'll be able to follow the progress on CMT.

BFG keeps the action going with the Nation of GO Tour.

If you have a passion for all things automotive, you belong at the Nation of GO. Join our new community to drive, share and connect online like never before.

evans tire california

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