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Knobby Atv Tires

knobby atv tires

  • having knobs; "had knobbly knees"

  • (KNOBBIES (motocross)) The type of tires used by Supercross and motocross racers. These tires have large square knobs of rubber tread that are designed and arranged in various ways to best grab the dirt.

  • Nickname for those with the surname of "Clark" or variations thereof.

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  • ATV is currently the largest commercial television station in Austria and was originally the first commercial station to be aired via transmitters after a long time when commercial broadcasts in Austria were only possible via satellite or cable and the national public broadcaster ORF held a

  • ATV is the Aruba NBC affiliate, broadcasting on Channel 15 (cable 8) in the NTSC television standard. The station has the call-sign of PJA-TV (following the standard in the Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles, with PJ callsigns), though it goes by its branding of "Aruba Television".

  • CTV Atlantic (formerly known as the Atlantic Television System, or ATV) is a system of four television stations in the Canadian Maritimes, owned and operated by the CTV Television Network, a division of CTVglobemedia.

  • All-terrain vehicle

outty rig before

outty rig before

Proof of concept shot. I wanted to see if I could get a decent rig shot on my ATV. The knobby tires and engine make it shake quite a bit but it looks like it's worth pursuing. The pole was loosely attached with some U bolts.

For this shot, I just put it in neutral and pushed it about 3 feet so I could avoid vibration from the engine. For the final shots, I think I'll use the winch since it will pull smoothly and be easy to clone out.

Also, as far as the vibration knobby tires on cement is kind of a worst case scenario. Soft dirt or sand will be even better.



52nd and Keystone
Indianapolis, Indiana
Good food, fast service and excellent values. Eat in your car or come as you are—to our beautiful new dining room—"Where eating with Knobby is a popular hobby." Everyday specials.
Same standard of quality at 38th and Route 100.

knobby atv tires

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Maxxis Tyre Sizes

maxxis tyre sizes

    maxxis tyre
  • (Maxxis Tyres) Cheng-Shin Rubber Ind. Co.,Ltd. is the eleventh largest tire company in the world . Established in 1967, at the city of Yuanlin, Taiwan

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rear triangle

rear triangle

Road Racing Bicycle FOR SALE:

3500 sheckels, Call Joe 054 5858822
Giant TCR 1 Large size, COMPACT frame, 56cm center BB to top seat tube.
The last 5 yrs stored in warehouse and not ridden.
Bicycle is in good working order, with new wheelset, new seatpost, and new gel handlebar tape.
Ideal for riders 178 to 192 cm height.

frame ALUXX SL super light Smooth Welded Aluminum
colour Race Blue
fork Giant carbon straight blade

crankset Ultegra 175mm, new chainrings upgraded to Dura Ace 39/53
cassette Shimano Ultegra 12-23 9 spd.
derailleur Front: Shimano Ultegra Braze on
Rear: Shimano Ultegra -9 spd.
derailleurshifters Shimano Ultegra STI - 9spd.
bottombracket Shimano Ultegra 68 x 109.5
chain Shimano HG92
pedals Look clipless, cleats included.

handlebar Cinelli Altera racing bar Black
stem Cinelli Groove stem
headset Cane Creek ZS2 integrated aheadset
grips new BBB Gel

brakes Shimano Ultegra Dual Pivot
Levers: Shimano Ultegra STI

saddle Selle Italia Prolink Leather
seatpost Mega Composites Carbon, new, upgraded, lighter than the original carbon aero (included).

Wheelset, new,upgraded, hand built by Excel Sports in Colorado
rims Mavic Open Pro 700 x 32h.
hubs Shimano Dura Ace 32h.
spokes DT 14/15g
tyres Maxxis

Angel of Death

Angel of Death

Although the build / evening started out with Cut Copy and NTM, it definitely finished with some classic Slayer in honour of the new ride.

Parts list:

- Rocky Mountain Slayer SS 396, Size Medium w/ Marzocchi Roco Air TST-R shock
- Fox Racing Shox Van 36 RC2
- Shimano Saint hubs (20mm front, 10x135 rear w/ thru-axle) built up with Mavic EX721 rims.
- Shimano Saint M810 Brakes (203mm front, 180mm rear)
- Thomson Elite 30.9mm seatpost w/ Shadow Conspiracy seat
- Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR DTC 2.5" tires
- Truvativ Hussefelt cranks w/ X-Type BB and Blackspire dual ring chainguide.
- FSA Orbit 1.5R zero stack reducer headset
- Azonic Stem
- RaceFace Atlas FR Nurple Purple Bars
- RaceFace Sniper Grips (one green, one blue)
- Shimano Saint M810 RR Shifter
- Shimano XT FR Shifter
- Shimano LX FR Derailleur
- Shimano Saint RR Derailleur (short cage)
- Sram DH Cassette
- White V60 Magnesium pedals
- SRAM PC-991 Chain
- 1 Handsome Gentleman

1 x Canon 430EX @ 1/16 and 105mm to camera right bounced off ceiling, triggered by elinchrom skyports.

maxxis tyre sizes

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Motorcycle Tire Center

motorcycle tire center

    motorcycle tire
  • Motorcycle tyres provide the only contact with the ground, via the contact patch under normal conditions, and so have a very large influence over motorcycle handling characteristics. Motorcycle tyres have a round cross section to facilitate the leaning necessary when a motorcycle turns.

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IMG 6128 - Diamond + Tires

IMG 6128 - Diamond + Tires

ZEN MAGNETS - Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@118) - Diamond + Wheels + an Inception totem

This is an extension from the motorcycle tires generated previously ... added another tread-layer and more 3D extensions from the center outward.

(@42) = 2-Tread Tire = (3 x 6-ball hexagon inner) + (2 x 12-ball circle outer)
(@60) = 3-Tread Tire = (4 x 6-ball hexagon inner) + (3 x 12-ball circle outer)
(@16) = Diamond = (2 x 4-ball inner) + (8-ball outer)

IMG 6132 - Diamond + Tires

IMG 6132 - Diamond + Tires

ZEN MAGNETS - Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@118) - Diamond + Wheels

This is an extension from the motorcycle tires generated previously ... added another tread-layer and more 3D extensions from the center outward.

(@42) = 2-Tread Tire = (3 x 6-ball hexagon inner) + (2 x 12-ball circle outer)
(@60) = 3-Tread Tire = (4 x 6-ball hexagon inner) + (3 x 12-ball circle outer)
(@16) = Diamond = (2 x 4-ball inner) + (8-ball outer)

motorcycle tire center

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New hampshire tire dealers : Tyres and more chelsea heights.

New Hampshire Tire Dealers

new hampshire tire dealers

    new hampshire
  • a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies

  • A state in the northeastern US, with a short border on the Atlantic coast, one of the six New England states; pop. 1,235,786; capital, Concord; statehood, June 21, 1788 (9). It was the first colony to declare independence from Britain in 1776 and then became one of the original thirteen states

  • New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America. The state was named after the southern English county of Hampshire.

  • one of the British colonies that formed the United States

    tire dealers
  • Stores that generate more than 50 percent of their sales from automotive tires.

New Hampshire birches

New Hampshire birches

Mt. Washington New Hampshire US. The worst weather in the country, the reports from the Ranger station at the top are always devastatingly cold and windy during the winter. This shot was taken in the early days of May from the base. The road up to the summit was closed 1/2 way up.

New Hampshire Statehouse Senate Chamber

New Hampshire Statehouse Senate Chamber

New Hampshire Statehouse Senate Chamber, Concord NH HDR

new hampshire tire dealers

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Online Tire Quote

online tire quote

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i am alive.

i am alive.

RIGHT, i know you lot have already seen this, but i find it adorable and i need to tell a story, and i look like ABSOLUTE SHIT right now, honestly, my hair is so greasy, i have no makeupz on, i'm proper hungover...the list goes on.

this might offend some; just a disclaimer.
but, i need to record this, and flickr is like, my journal anyway, so why not here? bahahah.

i had an evening with swineflu last night.

hardee's (free wifi), alixi, sitting in the back corner, is literally having a panic attack at the prospect of meeting this creature. i was shaking so badly it was visible and i kept getting straws to chew on (i went through about fifteen! gnawed to bits! it would have been hilarious if i weren't so petrified.)

alixi receives a text: i'm outside.

alixi writes a frantic facewookie message to zac, that was to the tune of "if i don't get online tomorrow night. call ---, and tell her that i'm with *** and to call the goddamn police!"

alixi looks up and notices a lanky figure, in tight, black - properly tailored - trousers, mod shoes and an "we all have hands" (or something, i really wasn't focused on his bloody shirt) shirt. who also, might i add, rocks a septum piercing and a highly charismatic (and somewhat arrogant) demeanour.

figure sits down.
uh. heyy.
"..are you oka?"
no, i'm heavy nervous! shows hands shaking.
"HAHA, why? evil grin. because i'm a terrifying rapist?"
AH! (and yes, i actually make that noise often.) don't say that to me!
"HAHAHAHAH, oh, lixxie."

anyroad, the story i'd gotten from *** (the..erm.."rapee") was false; she told the police he had a bloody meth lab in his house and all this other bollocks (he doesn't do meth); he even showed me a copy of the police report at his house to ease my fears.

so, we're having a right proper time, we get along very well, and i'm in his car, and we're driving to his house and i switch on the light to find my cigarettes and i see STAR TREK!!


so, we got stoned (i know, i said i wouldn't.), and drank a lot (i know, i said i wouldn't.), and we're all laughing like morons and having this epic star trek marathon (i'm quite a rabid fan - anything space-y, i'll jump in that pond.), and we've smoked two packets of fags in like, two hours (he smokes as much as i do. HA.), and we've not even touched or kissed or anything, we're both a bit tipsy, but still in full control of ourselves and etc.

finally i turn to him and i say, "i'm sorry i thought you were a paedophile. and a creeper. and..i'm sorry there's a knife in my tits." and he just turns to me and goes, "give me the knife." in a well scary voice, and i AH! again and scramble off the couch, and fucksake, he's just laughing his arse off.

oh, we were on the laptop, and i was on my flickr, and i showed him that last photo, about how i was wigging the fuck out, and he just thought it was the bee's knees, especially the message to zac - and then he updated my facebook status, "Alixi Chanel
is with SwineFlu. Fuck off, motherfuckers. Rape is not in the agenda." bahahahahahahhahah. i know i'm rambling, i apologise.

anyroad, then a WEIRD thing happened; i was quoting star trek (yes, i know. i am lame.) to him, and we were "WELL, DID YOU KNOW -- ?!!!!" about quentin tarantino and the office and star trek and existentialism and..we talked a lot about spock, bahahahhahaha, ANYROAD, he just looks at me and gets all serious and goes, "you're gonna break my heart, alixi."


i didn't press it, and i just gave him a hug BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, OH, and then he stands up to stretch (he's six feet and four inches tall) and his head bumps the ceiling (i was also incorrect - he has his own house. and he has his own business. and he's twenty-five. i take back what i said about him being scum, bahahha.), and that just makes me laugh hysterically, and he goes all still and quiet, and with the light to his back, he looked quite fearsome, and he goes (in that same fecking voice from earlier.), "do you still find me terrifying, alixi?" apparently - i've never noticed it, but i hear it a lot - when i'm scared or unsure of something, my eyes get bloody huge and i cover my mouth with my hand and just stare. bahahahahhahaha, and apparently i did it then too.

(improper paragraph break, i apologise.) and he just laughs and tackles me on the couch and kisses me.

and it was sweet.
and adorable as sin.

cuddlecuddlestartrektriviasmokesmoke, anchorman (which i fecking hate.) and we're still being fantastically adorable with little kisses and bla bla, and i'm scoffing at will farrell (who is a bloody fool - i loathe him) and he's scoffing at my scoffing, and we're just havi



posted at 10:58 am on June 4, 2011 by Jazz Shaw
This just in from points across the sea. Predator drones struck again, this time in South Waziristan, and served a rather abrupt pink slip to the terrorism career of Ilyas Kashmiri, according to a report from The Long War Journal. The rapidly cooling subject is described as, “one of al Qaeda’s most dangerous military commanders and strategists, the leader of the Harkat-ul Jihad Islami and al Qaeda’s Brigade 313.”
Kashmiri is said to be one of nine member of the al Qaeda-linked Harkat-ul Jihad Islami, or HUJI, who was killed in yesterday’s Predator airstrike that leveled a compound in the Wana area of South Waziristan. A Harkat-ul Jihad Islami spokesman told Dawn that Kashmiri was killed in the attack.
US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal said that Kashmiri was indeed a target of the attack, however they could not confirm he was killed.
“HUJI’s statement is a sure sign we got him, we are pretty confident he is dead but we cannot confirm 100 percent,” one official told The Long War Journal.
Huge is the only word to describe it. Our military has been on a roll lately, no doubt. No confirmation yet if this came as a result of intelligence gleaned from the bin Laden compound, but we really don’t need to know that anyway.
A few items from Mr. Kashmiri’s online dating profile. (Sorry, ladies, but I’m afraid this one may be off the market.)
NBC News reported that United States officials had mentioned him as a possible successor to Osama Bin Laden as head of al-Qaeda.
Kashmiri hailed from the Kotli District[6] or Mirpur District[3] of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. According to several sources, he became a member of the elite Pakistani Special Service Group,[6][10][11] although in an interview he denied this.[3] Kashmiri is also reported to have spent a year studying communications at the Allama Iqbal Open University.[3]
He was an active participant in the 1980s Soviet-Afghan War, training the Afghan mujahideen in mine warfare in Miranshah on behalf of Pakistan.[6] During the fighting he lost an eye and an index finger.[6][12] He continued his official militant work in Kashmir after the war as a member of Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HuJI), though disagreements with leader Qari Saifullah Akhtar several years after initially joining in 1991 led Kashmiri to establish his own new unit within HuJI known as the 313 Brigade.[6][13]
During the mid-1990s Kashmiri and Nasrullah Mansoor Langrial were near Poonch when they were seized by the Indian Army and sent to prison, where he would spend the next two years before escaping and returning to Pakistan.[6] Upon his return Kashmiri continued to conduct operations against India, once reportedly being rewarded personally with cash by then Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf for presenting the head of an Indian army sepoy to him.
Well done, team U.S.A. One less fish left in the pool.
Update (AP): I’m not ashamed to admit (well, a little ashamed) that I audibly gasped when I saw the news about this on TV this morning. Take five minutes to read two background pieces on Kashmiri so that you fully understand what a big deal this is. The first is Newsweek’s profile of him from October of last year, quoting one American agent as saying, “This guy ties everybody together.” And if the intel on him is correct, that assessment was true: Kashmiri may have had a hand in the Mumbai terror mega-attack and was suspected of organizing operations in Europe, the UK, the U.S., and of course India. He was also supposedly a key liaison to Al Qaeda recruits from western countries. He was, in other words, an operational linchpin, which is why he’d been hunted relentlessly by American and Pakistani agents for years. In fact, we tried to kill him with a drone strike once before and thought we’d succeeded — until Kashmiri surfaced and gave a gloating interview to a reporter. Follow that last link and you’ll find a U.S. official claiming that Kashmiri was “likely involved in every major terrorist attack in Pakistan in the last two years. He is a major player.” That was Kashmiri’s status as of 2009; his stature had only grown since.
The other piece to read is Michael Isikoff’s analysis from a few weeks ago speculating that Kashmiri, not Zawahiri, would be named the new leader of Al Qaeda simply because he’s so much more important to the group’s actual operations. Here’s how a U.S. terror suspect linked to Kashmiri described his role:
Kashmiri told him [in 2008] that bin Laden was “alive” and “healthy” and still very much in charge of the terror organization, Khan told the undercover agent. “(He is) commanding, he’s giving orders.”
“Does he give orders to Kashmiri?” the undercover agent asked, according to the transcript.
“Just, yeah, to Kashmiri, then Kashmiri give the order to mujahedeen … al-Qaida and Taliban.”
Later in the conversation, Khan said of Kashmiri, “He’s the main key, after Osama bin Laden,” according to the document. He al

online tire quote

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